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Holistic Support Services

Rising Up to Your Truth

What is it that fuels you? 

What are your goals?

Feeling Stuck?

Whether you are having a hard time answering these questions or the answers are ingrained in you, I am here to SUPPORT YOU! You are not on this journey of self-discovery alone. With my therapeutic training, humanistic approach as well as experience in mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy along with my love for narrative work, we will collaborative, we will travel the path of growth and healing together. 

Which Route is Right for You?

If you are ready to embark on this journey of change- I am here! Please note that if you are not sure which service is right for you, I offer free 20 minute consultations. Reach out and we can sort through which resource of support is best for you.


The therapeutic process is very individualized, and our work together would be a collaboration. Therapy work helps us understand our thoughts, actions, behaviors, and patterns which may be rooted in the past or correlated to trauma and/or experiences that serve as triggers which relate to current emotional reactions versus responses. Therapy helps us develop a sense of self reflection as well as emotional awareness while teaching us how to self soothe, understand, communicate and advocate for our needs as well as practice emotional awareness. Whether you are in need of individual, couples or family work, we can tailor your sessions to your unique needs. With an eclectic framework, I’m experienced in treating:

Depression                              Anxiety

Eating Disorders                     Life Transitions

Relationship Concerns           Work and Career Concerns

Stress Management               Conflict resolution

I am here to meet you where you are at! The therapeutic process is confidential so you don’t have to worry about the whole world “knowing your business.” I am here to help you approach your circumstances with a new insight- teach you new or rather different skills and gain different perspectives.


My approach to coaching is very similar to my approach to psychotherapy. Coaching sessions are also confidential. Through coaching, I am here to support you. I aim to help you approach circumstances with a new way- teaching new skills, gaining another perspective, learning how to tune in and trust your intuition all in a safe and non judgmental space. While therapy aids in learning how to tune into one’s self, coaching helps to put that realization into practice. Thus, with coaching, I am here to help coach you through times of transitions and circumstances while remaining true to your authentic self. Through therapy, I am helping you to gain  emotional awareness and coaching allows us to stabilize us such emotional awareness and move further along to making empowered choices towards goal setting and goal accomplishing.

Empowerment refers to the process of improving one’s life through fostering strength and confidence. Empowerment coaching with me focuses on the feelings of improvement and elevation of one’s current state of living. Authenticity and empowerment are the focus of my coaching model. Together, let's take a look at what is and is not serving you in life right now; maybe it's time for a paradigm shift. Sessions can also include mindfulness exercises such as breathwork along with mantra and affirmation practice.

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