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My Roots

I am healing and growing each and every day and the journey of such is nothing short of a self-reflective roller coaster ride, but good thing I love amusement parks right?! These past few years, I’ve shared my story which includes the highlight REAL of PTSD, body dysmorphia, an eating disorder and as of late major depressive disorder, I don’t hide from these truths. I am not ashamed of the titles nor do I wear them as an armor shielding me from living conscientiously and mindfully. But rather, all of these truths are a part of me just like my big heart, dorky vibes and awesome goodie-bag-making skills and baking talents are. It’s all a part of me- a me that is falling in love myself and trusting myself again wholeheartedly.

After that life-threatening boating accident, over 43 post-accident surgeries and five years of recovery alongside overcoming my own personal battle with anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphia (story for another time), I finally had my ‘ah-ha’ moment where I realized I wanted to pursue my Masters to look someone else in the eyes and help them realize that even in the darkest times, a breakthrough of light can coexist- such a comforting and inspiring light is there if only we stand tall and trust in our abilities to see it. My intention is to utilize my experience and education to take on a collaborative as well as holistic approach to wellness. Offering individuals, families and communities’ guidance to readjust perspectives and redefine trauma, pain, anxiety and/or destructive cognition as catalysts for growth, conscious self-awareness and peace of mind rather than drawbacks or intentions for suffering.

I have always been a writer and love journalism- a concept that to me symbolizes connection, interaction and storytelling. Thus, therapy may have been my ah-ha moment, but it all began with journalism and as such writing, collaborating and exchanging stories is something I aspire to build on and weave into holistic health.  Not only does everyone have a story to voice, but as a community everyone has something to share and learn from one another.

Being a yoga and meditation instructor, I implement the practice of yoga in my life daily. I find the practice of yoga, not just as a workout but as a work IN, to be completely inspiring. With every ujjayi breath I take, I am inhaling hope, compassion, love and gratitude and exhaling doubts, daily agitations and simply put- negativity. The practice encouraged me to continue to invest in soul-inspiring, feel-good and life-impacting adventures off the mat and that is how I found myself in love with the community that is wellness and well-being.

My mission is offer this tribe a place to call home- to have authentic conversations that are never near perfect and often messy, but just as magical and inspirational-

to those seeking support or simply, a soft landing. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I founded The Modern Hippie with a mission to create community.

Take some time to explore the site and feel free to reach out if you would like to connect.

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