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Wellness Warrior

Igniting my intention and soothing my soul with empowerment and community

Arbonne Babe

Well-being To Me: Mind, Body
and Soul Connection

Rooting Down in Empowerment to Rise Up to a Community of Self-Care

I am healing and growing each and every day and the journey of such is nothing short of a self-reflective roller coaster ride, but good thing I love amusement parks right?! These past few years, I’ve shared my story which includes the highlight REAL of PTSD, body dysmorphia, an eating disorder and as of late major depressive disorder, I don’t hide from these truths. I not ashamed of the titles nor do I wear them as an armor shielding me from living conscientiously and mindfully. But rather, all of these truths are apart of me just like my big heart, dorky vibes and awesome goodie-bag-making skills and baking talents are. It’s all apart of me- a me that is beginning to fall in love myself and trust myself again wholeheartedly.

Thus, I came to the revelation that I need to do what makes me happy in spite of insecurities. That’s when I invested in plant-based, honest and non-toxic products to not only increase my arsenal of self-care goodies from make up used to express my moods to face masks used to feel pampered and cared for to holistic medications like CBD to help me combat restless nights, anxious and down-in-the-dumps feelings. Arbonne's skincare and make-up line along with Vasayo's CBD really helped me channel my wellness warrior and I'm happy to share all that I have in my self-care tool kit. 

What brings me pure joy and empowerment is locking arms with beautiful souls who are living their truths with authenticity and sincerity, who show up, hold space for eachother’s lives, encourage eachother’s dreams and offer a helping hand and shoulder to cry on when needed. The people on my team are badass babes and stellar studs-their spirits are what I needed in life. My team has given me so much drive and focus about where I am in life and how I can help create a future I am proud of and dream of for myself. For that, I am filled with gratitude. 

To learn more about my why, click here.

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